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Episode 5: Greta Thotberg, Glitter and Ghost Eyes, Oh My! (+ Your Most Sustainable Halloween Yet!)

This week's episode gets a little spooky! Not just because I play a terrifying game with Nat Standiferd from GHOST EYES, but also because I kick the episode off talking about how to have your most sustainable, eco-friendly Halloween ever!

How do you have the most sustainable Halloween ever?

- Bring eco-friendly characters into your costume decision process? Why not dress up as a sexy Green New Deal or sexy Mermaid with a straw stuck up its nose?

- Thrift and DIY as much as possible, putting emphasis on reusable pieces after Halloween is over!

- Recycle your candy wrappers with Terracycle, or upcycle them into a bracelet!

- Use biodegradeable/ecofriendly glitter (like this one!)

- Use a pillowcase for trick or treating instead of a plastic pumpkin

- Give out candy with bio-based wrappers, like the Nestler Yes! line or Snickers.

And then, the good stuff; chatting with Nat!

This is Nat's first "No" shirt!

Guest Nat Standiferd, founder of Ghost Eyes, a Chicago-based sustainable and handmade jewelry, accessories and apparel company, joins me to chat about the value of a handmade good, how to put a price on art/your passions, the "trends" of thrift store shopping, and her journey from a patient at Shriners Hospitals for Children to being a bad ass sustainable artist! We also play a game using Ghost Eyes keywords that's terrifying because it's a little cringeworthy and off key (I'm not a singer!), but ya gotta love the enthusiasm!

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker.


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