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Episode 21: Covering the World in Sustainable Shine with Rebecca Richards of Bioglitz

On Episode 21 of the Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay sits down with Rebecca Richards, the co-founder and CCO of Bioglitz, a plant-based biodegradable glitter, to talk about the benefits of using sustainable glitz and why it’s important to not use the traditional micro-plastic based glitter.

Lindsay and Rebecca also talk about the future of sustainable fashion and glitter fashion, glitz’s relationship with the queer community, sustainability in LA vs. NYC, L Train Vintage, and where Bioglitz is headed!

Rebecca gives listeners some of her favorite thrift and vintage stores in NYC and across the country.

A few other things mentioned in the episode:

Find Bioglitz on Instagram at @bioglitz or online

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Recorded at Simple Studios

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