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The Hand Me Up Club Season One Episode Master List

Hi there! Maybe you've been a member of the club since Day 1 back in 2018, or maybe you're discovering The Hand Me Up Club for the first time. Whatever the case, welcome! If you haven't yet listened to The Hand Me Up Club podcast, I'd suggest you start there - it's fun, informative and a quick digestible bite of Sustainable Fashion! Not sure where to start, take a look at this Master List of all the Season One episodes of HMUC:

Episode 1: Welcome to The Hand Me Up Club (with RWS Costume Designers)!

Learn tips to extend the usage of your clothes, learn about the mechanics of making a dress out of condoms and play the game; Can You Make a Dress Out of That?

Episode 2: Not to Say I Saw it in a Meme, but...The Ethics of Fast Fashion (with Susannah Devenney and Anita Dos Santos)

An intro to ethical fashion, a recap of the Women's March, tips for upcycling and making your own clothes, and play The Most Depressing Game in the World!

Episode 3: Do People Even Wear Chicken Feathers (with Asuka M Style)?

A sustainable approach to the Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, learn about color theory and sustainable styling, play Real or Fake Trend with the latest out of NYFW.

Episode 4: Pushing for a Closed Loop (with Rust & Fray)

Learn about the upcycling process in fashion factories in Bangladesh, discussing building a fashion brand in NYC, Fashion Revolution and more!

Episode 5: Greta Thotberg, Glitter and Ghost Eyes, Oh My (With Ghost Eyes)!

Nat Standiferd of Ghost Eyes discusses her process for making upcycled jewelry in Chicago, thriving as a sustainable artist and listen to a silly musical game using Ghost Eyes keywords. Plus - How to have a sustainable Halloween!

Episode 6: The Autobiography of the Pearl (with Alajas NYC and Casa Ysla)

A primer on the local pearl harvesting economy in the Phillipines, creating a sustainable and ethical fashion line using pearls and giving back to your local community. PLUS! A inside look at starting a resale app!

Episode 7: Let's Go to the Mall, Today!

Lindsay and her friend, Daniel Dalena go to the Queens Center mall and investigate how easily/difficult it can be for the average consumer to shop sustainably.

Episode 8: Dressed Up in Data (with Everlasting Wardrobe)

Hear about the start of a clothing rental platform for children, how data can be used to make smart fashion decisions and the value in renting clothes over buying.

Episode 9: Kitsch, Please (with RplusD)

Rebekah Thornhill speaks to the process of sustainable 3D printing, the value of local maker communities and how to build a creative business in NYC.

Episode 10: Seeing is Believing (with the NYC Fair Trade Coalition)

An intro to fair trade, and fair trade fashion, and a voice for the perspective of why everyone should not start their own fashion brand.

Episode 11: Repurposed Gems for Non-Boring People - Part 1 (with New York Adventure Club)

NYAC Founder, Corey Schneider, speaks to places in the city that have been repurposed for something new and how everything in NYC can become new again.

Episode 12: Repurposed Gems for Non-Boring People - Part 2 (with New York Adventure Club)

Corey is back and this time we are talking about ecofriendly places to visit in NYC!

Episode 13: Hot Trash: New Orleans Vintage (with Rebecca Duckert)

Learn about the history of vintage and the very first item sold as a vintage piece, the vintage culture in NOLA and more!

Episode 14: Your Sustainable Fashion Questions Answered + Sustainable New Years Resolutions

Lindsay reviews 2019 and her sustainable goals for the year and answers listener questions.

Episode 15: Vintage Search Engines and NYC Vintage Maps (with Liisa Jokinen, Gem App)

Liisa speaks to sustainable street style, creating the expansive NYC Vintage map, vintage in NYC and creating the world's first search engine for vintage.

Episode 16: A Sustainable New Decade (with Bea Organized)!

Bea discusses simple adjustments one can make to their day to day life and closet to be more sustainable and stay organized.

Episode 17: Choice Based Life (with Eagle Eye Shop)

Megan Roper of Eagle Eye talks Bust, crafting, the NYC Schools art scene, creating a local community and how she upcycles clothing to make jewelry.

Episode 18: All the Little Microbeads in the Bottom of the Ocean: Intro to Sustainable Skincare Dominique Flaksberg discusses her process for creating sustainable zero waste skincare and home cleaning tools.

Episode 19: Plus Size Thrifting, DIY and Sustainable Fashion (with Veronica Allen)

An insider look at the thrifting experience while plus size, a rundown of sustainable plus brands and more!

Episode 20: The Future of the Past: Talkin' Vintage (with East Village Vintage Collective)

Discuss trends, the East Village, running a vintage brand across multiple states, the long term viability of fast fashion and Desperately Seeking Susan with EVVC owner, Maegan Hayward.

Episode 21: Covering the World in Sustainable Shine (with Bioglitz)

Rebecca Richards, co-founder of Bioglitz, deep dives on the journey to create a biodegradeable glitter and the power of sparkle and shine.

Episode 22: Swap Meets are now Swishing (with Sustainable Fashion Circle)

SFC Founder, Allison Vicenzi discusses not buying new clothes, circular systems, creating a sustainable brand in NYC, Refashion Week and Nordstrom's new See You Tomorrow.

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