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Episode 4: Pushing for a Closed Loop

In Episode 4 of The Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay talks with Donna Sitwat and Jack Mckenna from Rust & Fray, a sustainable fashion company dedicated to using upcycled materials from textile waste while helping underprivileged workers earn a fair wage.

Listen as they talk about the importance of recycling and the effect garbage and landfills are having on our environment.

Donna, a native of Bangladesh, talks about her experiences working in factories there and how Fashion revolution sometimes...gets it wrong. Jack brings up how "every country has a T-Shirt selling phase" and discusses how the fashion industry starts (and preys) on developing countries.

The three also discuss how the future of the fashion industry could be in creating unique products with upcycled materials (Much like Rust and Fray does for their handbags!). They also touch on the idea of normalizing sustainable fashion and regular recycling needs in society.

Get some tips on how you can start making some small daily changes in your routine, like recycling waste, using less plastic and energy conservation, to reduce your carbon footprint today!

A few other things we talk about:


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