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Sunday Spotlight: Spark Pretty

Remember the joy you felt the first time you watched Clueless? View from the Top? Fast Times at Ridgemont High? The music video for Baby One More Time? Now imagine if you could time warp back to these iconic moments in pop culture in the East Village. That time warp comes in the form of SPARK PRETTY. Spark Pretty has only been around since 2017, and as soon as you walk in to immediately find yourself face to face with Alf, you'll be wondering how you managed to stay stylish all these years without it.

Filled with a plethora of items along the spectrum of kitschy to iconic, this place is a haven for costume designers or stylists looking for authentically 90s pieces or even just the unique style maven that desperately wants rainbow platform shoes and a clock purse. If you are desperately seeking Susan, you can find her here.

333 E 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

A few things that make Spark Pretty unique:

- Spark Pretty specifically dabbles in 80s/90s style vintage and vintage-inspired goods. So if you are looking for something in this style, odds are good they will have it. But they not only have clothing from these eras, but toys and collector's items as well (Troll Dolls, Barbies, you know it!).

- Dress like your favorite characters, costume pieces for shows from shows on Netflix, Broadway and more.

- Spark Pretty was started by 2 former stylists for Betsey Johnson (Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colby), so not only do they sell items, but they also offer styling services in the store.

A few things to keep in mind:

- Not everything in the store in vintage/secondhand, they do carry new items from contemporary brands like Yru Shoes, Hayley Elsaesser and No Basic Bombshell, if you are trying to make sustainable choices, keep that in mind!

- Some items are expensssive. This is not a thrift store, its a heavily curated vintage store (with some awesome upcycled jean jackets by Tom Tom Fashions), and the pricing reflects this. There are plenty of items around $10, but there are also many more items that are well over $100 too.

- The store is tiny! It's ADA accessible, but if you need a lot of space to shop, this may be a tough location for you.

I really enjoyed this shop and found it to be a 100% unique shopping experience. I was delighted by the little details that went into the character of the physical space (bean bag chairs, NSYNC barbies, an Angelyne poster) and I've got my eye on a few one-of-a-kind items I hope will still be there the next time I have some extra $$$ to drop on fashion!


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