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Sunday Spotlight: My Unique Thrift

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Ah, yes, Unique Thrift... My friend Jo told me about My Unique Thrift 3 years ago, she told me of all the treasures she had found (and she even gifted me a fun pizza shirt she found at one), saying it was massive, but INTENSE. She said you couldn't set anything down, or it would instantly be taken - AND SHE WAS RIGHT. I hung up my haul on a rack outside the bathroom, because you couldn't take anything in, and when I came out a few minutes later, THEY WERE GONE. I frantically ran around the store trying to find them, and luckily, recovered them!

Unique Thrift is a MASSIVE thrift store in the Bronx. They have everything! TRULY everything! I even found a MICROSCOPE in a bag. So whether you are looking for clothing (for anyone), home goods, electronics, books, ANYTHING, they will have it! They even had a wall of crafting and clothing supplies, so you can upcycle your thrifty finds with some secondhand supplies!

Address: 218 W 234th Street, Bronx, NY 10463

A few things that make My Unique Thrift , unique:

- Massive selection. I have no idea where they are sourcing their goods, but this store feels like an entire city block in size, and they have EVERYTHING.

- Mondays and Thursdays they do 25% off, but subscribe to their email list! OF COURSE, the day after I went, they sent out an email saying the next day would be 50% off.

- Lots of parking nearby, if you're a thrifty fashionista that drives!

Now, because of the size, it can be pretty hard to navigate, and a theme of inconsistency seems to run the store. BUT, that same inconsistency can also be beneficial, as they don't seem to have any knowledge or consistency in their pricing model. I snagged a beautiful Kate Spade dress for $25, and a pair of fun Moschino pants for $15. I also found a nice top from Prada for $35! Then, there will be a pair of Zara booties for $50, or some worn UGG boots for $35. So, definitely some inconsistency! I could flip any of my finds for way more on Poshmark or Depop (But I won't, because they are awesome!). They also only have 2 dressing rooms (but they do have a bathroom, which is nice, since it takes awhile to get up that far in the Bronx!).

Definitely a bit of a crazy free for all but certainly an interesting thrift store stop in NYC with some great finds if you are willing to dig through it all!


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