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I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

By September I had spent the last 9 months working for an awesome (sustainable!) new start up, that sadly started to go the way a LOT of start ups go (...down...). I'd never been fired before, but I gotta say, getting laid off doesn't feel too bad when it's with a room of other people facing the exact same fate. It felt like the most stereotypical break up of all time; "It's not you, it's us."

Filing for unemployment for the first time EVER was so strange. Who was I?! I've been in NYC since 2010 and gainfully, fully employed that entire time. But then I realized, I've been working nonstop, for 8 years, many years without vacations, working 60+ hours, working on every holiday (Ah, Broadway). It was time for a break. So here I am ready to give myself a hand, and glow up for what's next!

Feelin' a little bit like Pee Wee Herman right now

Shirt - A New Day/Target via a repurposed costume piece I was able to keep!

Skirt - BB Dakota via Le Tote

Shoes - Chase + Chloe via Buffalo Exchange

Just a reminder, The Hand Me Up Club features sustainable #OOTD ensembles! What does that mean? It means every outfit you see here is borrowed, thrifted, gifted, upcycled, recycled, rented, swapped, or sustainably made! It's all happening, it's all possible!


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