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DIY: Taxidermy Ring

A few years back I found myself in a wild room at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. While this is normally a venue for fun dance parties and NPR recordings, I was watching a live demo of a SQUIRREL TAXIDERMY. Yep, I was at Rogue Taxidermy! It was fantastic, enlightening, and also a little gross. One of the taxidermy artists was Katie Innamorato, who largely works with roadkill. How's that for an upcycle?! I think I'm cool if I can turn something like a painting or a lamp I find on the street into something fun, but she works with ROAD KILL. ROAD.KILL. Ever since I found myself at Rogue Taxidermy, I've been fascinated with the artform, have upcycled some antlers from the Phoenicia Flea, but have yet to do my own taxidermy piece (one day!). In the meantime, I came up with this fun little ethical (yep - no real animals harmed) taxidermy ring upcycle! What do you do with old rings? I'm talkin' those old ones you got from a vending machine or a birthday party with neon aliens or frogs on them? Delias* may be making a comeback, but I feel like those rings may stay in the past (Where they belong)! What you can do is turn them into new, modern fashion statement, that put off some major cozy winter vibes. Old rings, decluttering your refrigerator of some magnets, and boom! Fashion.


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