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You Wanna Pizza Me?

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

The best thing I ever found secondhand? Quite possibly this pizza onesie. I've been known to wear onesies anywhere and everywhere. Office? Onesie. Broadway theater? The occasion calls for a onesie. New Years Eve? You betcha, I'm in a onesie!

With the Museum of Pizza opening in Brooklyn, I was so excited to wear my pizza garb (Yes, I truly have a pizza version of EVERY closet staple)! I was expecting to be but one slice in a whole pie of pizza enthusiasts, but shockingly, I was the only one dressed up! Where's the enthusiasm people?! The commitment to the crust?!

Onesie - Poshmark!

Just a reminder, The Hand Me Up Club features sustainable #OOTD ensembles! What does that mean? It means every outfit you see here is borrowed, thrifted, gifted, upcycled, recycled, rented, swapped, or sustainably made! It's all happening, it's all possible!


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