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Tricolor Style

Today was fun! After a quick audition (that I got to do with my boyfriend! Gotta love "real people" calls!), I was part of a Virtual Reality experiment at Columbia University. Needing to dress cute for the audition, but able to limber up for Columbia afterwards resulted in this fun primary color ensemble! I love adding accents and embraced some quirkiness with a vintage Atlanta pin and some laser cut pins. Personality can be shown anywhere in your outfit - even in the pockets!

I'm Wearing:

Sweater - Jessica Simpson via Le Tote

Top - Modcloth via Poshmark

Jeans - Rag & Bone via this girl who once hired me on TaskRabbit to take clothes to Goodwill for her (#detroithustlesharder)

Boots - Unlabled via Urban Jungle/L Train Vintage

Pins - Various via Junk in Brooklyn

Rings - Vintage via Artists & Fleas, a DIY for what to do with rings that have gone out of style, coming this week!

Just a reminder, The Hand Me Up Club features sustainable #OOTD ensembles! What does that mean? It means every outfit you see here is borrowed, thrifted, gifted, upcycled, recycled, rented, swapped, or sustainably made! It's all happening, it's all possible!

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