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This Week in Sustainability! (7/1-7/7)

Now that the biodegradeable glitter has washed away from the World Pride Parade, it's time for the 4th of July! -Which means, very few sustainable events happening this week! It's okay! Use this time for a little R&R ;)


6:30-8:30PM, HRY Space Talk: The Art of Fashion @ HRY Space (FREE)


7-8:30PM, Stitch Your Favorite Curse Word @ Gossip Coffee ($8)


11AM-6PM, Hester Street Fair Independence BBQ @ Hester Street (Free)


Volunteer at BK Rot!

Planting for Peace at Walls-Ortiz Gallery

Biomaterials Crash Course @ Genspace

Found: World Oceans Month Pop Up @ Starrett Leigh Gallery

Personal Styling @ Eileen Fisher

New York Fair Trade Coalition Swap Shop

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