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This Week in Sustainability (12/24-12/30)

It's the last week of the year! Time for scrambling around from family member to family member, friend to friend, while also simultaneously trying to stay warm, stuff my face with cookies and also use industry downtime to try and get ahead (Anyone else feeling exhausted?). I can't be the only one feeling a little jampacked, because there are hardly any major fashion and sustainability events happening this week! - A much appreciated break for us all! If you ARE feeling ready to go green and get on out there, here are a few events for you to live your best life (Go you!):


12PM - 8PM, The Future of Sports ($35)


- Last day for the Buffy pop up at 150 Wooster Street! I really loved their calm, amazing smelling "soft-space,", and right now they have these big alien-like capsules around all their nap cots! Sounds like a fun, futuristic stop if you find yourself in Soho!


2:15-3PM, Girl Scouts New Years Party ($10) - Great for kids, crafts with recyclable materials!


I'm super psyched for this visible mending workshop at Brooklyn Brainery next Tuesday, one of the best ways to have a sustainable wardrobe is to make use of what you have, and this workshop will help you do it in a chic, easy way, even when a garment might seem beyond repair (it's not!).

Merry Christmas (If that's your thing), and enjoy your day, however you spend it!


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