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(Sustainable) New Years Resolutions!

It's finally here - 2019!

I don't know about you, but 2018 just seemed to drag on... Maybe not quite as much a dumpster fire as 2017, but there was a giant fire. And tsunamis. And multiple polar vortexes. FUN TIMES! I'm not going to say a new year solves all of the past year's problem, but there is something about it that ma

kes my brain focus and try new things with an enthusiasm that I just did not have during December.

Now, personally, every year I come up with a list of 100 things to do each year. This list is WILD (and in the last few years' editions, actually ballooned to more than 300 list items...), it includes things I just want to make sure will actually happen (ie, fix the button on that shirt that been sitting out for 2 months), things I want to remember to do (ie, Try to watch the 4th of July fireworks from your old roof!), and things that probably won't happen but I don't want to forget, and if they just happen come up, go for it (ie, Go to the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos).

But 300 things might be a little too ambitious (Fine! I admit it!), so I decided to make a separate list for Hand Me Up Club, of the little things I hope to do this year to make my life (and others) just a little more sustainable.

2019 Resolutions

1) Launch Season 1 of the Hand Me Up Club Podcast by April!

Admittedly, I've been slow to get in the room with my guests and actually record. Setting a concrete goal date I hope will help me get my ass in gear and finish recording and mixing the podcast so you all can finally feast on this ear candy!

2) Host a clothing swap

I love clothing swaps. I've been to the good, the bad, the big, the small, and still I always have a good time, meet some awesome people and leave with a few new-to-me things for my wardrobe. I'm hoping to be able to host my own clothing swap (the last time I hosted one was 2014!), perhaps even do it as a kick off event for the podcast!

3) Participate in Slow Fashion Summer (Again)

This past summer I was one of the 2600 people that participated in the CollAction Slow Fashion Summer, no purchases of new clothes from May-September. Challenging myself with this helped me realize just how easy it was to utilize sustainable practices in my wardrobe, and definitely saved me a buck or two over the summer. I'm excited to do it again and get creative with my closet!

4) Make 3 Pieces of Original Clothing, and 1 DIY Upcycle/Month

I've been slowly hoarding clothing scraps from the costume shop I've been working at over the last few weeks and want to make something with them! I also have a bank of upcycle ideas in my brain that I just never make time to do. I'm hoping setting a schedule will help it all materialize!

5) Start carrying reusable utensils with me

I'm very good about reusable shopping bags, pretty good about reusable straws but not good at all about carrying reusable utensils. I give myself a guilt trip everytime I get reusable utensils with my takeout from Panera, and that needs to change! I'm looking forward to finding that perfect lightweight reusable utensil set and cutting back on that behavior.

6) Implement more sustainable practices into my beauty and skincare routine.

I was given reusable face wipes for Christmas (Yay!) and am looking forward to making more eco friendly changes to my routine. I'm thinking plastic free deodorant, divacups, more plant based and sustainable cosmetics, products with minimal plastic packaging). We'll see how my sensitive, nut/sesame/avocado allergic skin handles it!

7) Learn how to properly darn socks

Socks are the one textile that I never know how to properly recycle. They get a massive hole, can't be reused, but can't really be donated, but are too small to be upcycle, etc. UGH. BUT, If I can learn how to properly darn these holes, maybe this won't be such a problem! Time will tell!

8) Add more plants to my home

I had a housewarming at my new apartment just before Christmas and was given a lovely succulent by my friend Dan. I absolutely love it and it adds to much positive energy to the best fun dream house (ie, my home) and I want to add that feeling to every corner! I've been looking are the benefits of different kinds of plants and I am excited to add some natural air purifiers to my perpetually construction-zoned building.

9) Continue Gifting Sustainably Minded Gifts with Reusable Packing

This year I handmade fabric giftwrap for all my holiday presents. It was a hit! People loved the handmade detailing, plus it's like an extra present, they won't have to wrap the next gift they give (Plus it cuts back on all that wrapping paper waste!). I want to keep that magic alive and do this with the other birthday, holiday and extra fun gifts I give this year!

10) Cut back on plastic bottle purchases - and get a bottle cutter!

Admittedly, I still sometimes buy plastic bottle drinks (Not water, but some things, like my favorite Bai, only come in plastic!). I want to try and cut back on those drinks, and for the ones I just can't resist, I want to get a bottle cutter, so I can try an upcycle some accessories with the bottles.

Not too bad, eh? I'm hoping these are just challenging enough to keep me busy this year, but not too crazy to overwhelm! Do you have any new years resolution to help you live a more sustainable life? Whether you do or not, anything you are looking forward to doing or accomplishing in 2019? I want to know, and good luck! 2019, we are ready for you!


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