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Sunday Spotlight: Monk

Time for another Sunday Spotlight this winter! It actually felt like winter this weekend (Last week's 60 degree days seem but a fever dream). Between National Pizza Day (Favorite Holiday), and a special Valentine's Day surprise for my boyfriend, this weekend wasn't short on exploration. That said, it was awesome to check out Monk!

Monk is a vintage resale shop with multiple locations in Brooklyn. I took the time to explore the Williamsburg location (Conveniently for consumers, right next door to Buffalo Exchange!). Of course, while driving home, I saw there was yet ANOTHER location in Greenpoint! I'll have to check that out on another Sunday! Despite previously living right near this store, and religiously shopping the Buffalo Exchange next door, I had yet to check out Monk. It always appeared more "vintage" less "thrift" and something about that always made me feel like it would be out of my price range. So, it was nice to explore, and be proven wrong!

Address: 496 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211

Monk is a vintage and thrift shop, carrying clothing and accessories for men and women.

A few things that make Monk unique:

- They've got a dollar rack out front for bargain fashionistas!

- While they have some contemporary pieces, this is a great place for if you are looking for 1980s vintage. Tons of old band t shirts, leather jackets, beaded sweaters and crazy hats!

- If you drop items off, you'll get a coupon for 25% your purchase.

- They have a few housewares and knick knacks tucked away, could make fun gift purchases!

- Super eclectic vibe, if you're picturing a quirky vintage store from a movie in your mind, it probably looks a lot like Monk!

This store is so visually stimulating, it's a lot to take in! It makes you want to shoot a rom com movie with an elaborate getting dressed montage, to utilize all its colorful decorations! It's very quirky in aesthetic, and also layout! There is no rhyme or reason to the way the store is organized (So def not for the Type A people among us), but to me, that just makes it that much more satisfying when you dig out a gem from under a table or on the back of a rack. The prices are midrange (Akin to Beacon's Closet, cheaper than Housing Works, more expensive than Buffalo Exchange). Not a ton of dressing rooms, but I wasn't expecting that in a store that seems truly packed as tightly as possible. This store seemed to have a ton of scarves, bags and sunglasses, etc, so I'll be stopping by the next time I'm in the market for more accessories!

Can't wait to explore a new thrift store next weekend! Who knows where the search will lead?


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