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Sunday Spotlight: Curated by Goodwill

Perhaps you've seen some of the high profile collaborations the NYNJ Goodwill has been cultivating this winter - from the Swap Shop at Querencia Studio, numerous Fashion (and Refashion) week events and even a partnership with the Broadway musical, Kinky Boots! However, this Goodwill event really caught my attention: a curated pop up Goodwill store, in the street access retail space of Chelsea Market!

Chelsea Market, known for being trendy, constantly evolving, and filled with the slowest walking tourists in possibly the entire city, seems like an unusual place to have a GOODWILL, but the store itself modeled an aesthetic after next door retail space Anthropologie, and the vibe of the sample sales just down the hall.

Curated by Goodwill location was significantly smaller than other Goodwills, but still managed to have changing rooms and an ample clothing selection.

The store's art director really demonstrated the "curated" aspect with different clothing racks sorted by color and aesthetic (ie, florals, tribal prints, yellows, blacks, etc). placed throughout the store.

75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

A few things that make the Curated by Goodwill pop up unique:

- It's limited! This pop up is only going on until Wednesday, the 27th!

- They are also selling fabric and rolls of detailing; enhance or upcycle your Goodwill finds with Goodwill materials!

- An even-keeled price point, not much below $15, but not much over $30 either

I enjoyed the accessibility of the store and the "curated" aspect. I hope that will encourage more trendy fashionistas to think about shopping secondhand for their next #OOTD. However, I do wish the store had a more ample selection, and though there were multiple changing rooms, only one mirror where you could check out how it looked on you! A few improvements that could be made but no major complaints or grievances. A great stop if visiting the High Line or Chelsea Market!

Though this pop up is ending soon, it is the second curated pop up store that has appeared in NYC over the last year and there are likely more to come! See ya at the next one!


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