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Sunday Spotlight: City Opera Thrift Shop

This week's Sunday Spotlight goes to the City Opera Thrift Shop! This amazing thrift shop could be easy to miss, it sits in the middle of the amazing thrift shop corridor along 23rd Street (A block that has a Salvation Army, a Goodwill, a HousingWorks AND City Opera!), but it would be a mistake to skip City Opera for some of its better known neighbors. City Opera has the archiectural stylings of the old Rizzoli Bookstore (RIP), with an awesome balcony and quaint section signifiers for the books, furniture and clothing sections. Attention and detail is put into tagging every item, and if you venture upstairs, some real treasures can await!

222 E 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010

Things That Make City Opera Unique:

- City Opera offers in-store styling, that you can sign up for online

- If you are wishing to donate to City Opera, they offer free pick up, and if you bring the donation to the store, they will cover car fare up to $12 (You will need your receipt though!). You'll also get a tax write off for your donation!

- Hack your shopping experience by looking for when they have events (The next one is April 3rd!), they typically put more items on sale leading up to events to make room, so if there's something you've had your eye on, this would be the time to snag it!

- If you are in the arts (like me!) you can know that shopping here means your dollars are going back to the arts community!

- Dressing rooms on the first floor!

I will say that some of the prices at City Opera are a little steeper than some of their neighbors, and there is a smaller clothing collection, but the curated nature of the store makes that easy to forgive. Less easy to forgive - there are no bathrooms! Pro tip, go to the Starbucks at the corner!


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