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Sunday Spotlight: Cauz for Pawz Thrift Shop

What's not to love about Cauz for Pawz?This itty bitty boutique thrift store has the personal touches of your favorite mom and pop shop (When I was there, the owner, Grace, was busy hanging flowers and butterflies around the shop for spring!), the colorful and fashionable finds of Manhattan fashionistas, and did I mention the dogs?! Cauz for Paws is not only an adorable thrift shop but a 501c3 charity that raises money for neutering and spaying programs, pet food for low income animal owners and support for catch and release programs at assorted shelters. Their tagline is "Support animal causes while reducing your ecological footprint" - does it get any better than that?

333 1st Avenue

New York, NY 10003

What Makes Cauz for Pawz unique:

- Low price points! I swear every item I picked up was $23, they also had 2 full racks of $5 items! Woo!

- Feel doublely good about your purchase, your making a sustainable choice shopping secondhand, and supporting local animal rescues.

- If you have a pet, they will happily feature it on a big collage near the front entrance! Nice to have a place where you feel like family!

- When you make a donation, you can get a tax write off receipt due to their 501c3 status. If you aren't trying to consign, this is a great way to maximize your closet purge.

The store is tiny, so it could be a little hit or miss whether you will find something that suits you as the selection is much smaller than a Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange

behemoth. It's also a little out of the way being located at 17th Street and 1st Avenue - but well worth the walk (And it's also right by a brand new Taco Bell).

This week, they will be having a spring sale on all floral and butterfly items on 3/21/19. Time to get in the spirit of the season and help some pups along the way? Sign me up!


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