• Lindsay Rootare

Pink Lady

Another day, another pair of white boots! What can I say? When you like something, you like something. I also love PINK! And it was fun to break out a turtleneck and this pink jumper on such an incredibly warm day. Adding a few pins gave the look a personal touch and a chance to show off one of my favorite 3D printed pieces by rd+ (The purple coffee mug spouting 'I have no chill'). With 3D printed and laser cut jewelry pieces there's a huge cut back on excess materials - a great sustainable accessory option!

I'm Wearing:

Turtleneck: Zara via Crossroads Trading Post

Jumper - Calvin Klein via Thrift On! Clothing Swap

Leggings - Leftover from a high school music concert...we'll call that vintage?

Boots - Chase + Chloe via Buffalo Exchange

Pins - rd+, giveaways from Guerrilla Science and Color Factory

Just a reminder, The Hand Me Up Club features sustainable #OOTD ensembles! What does that mean? It means every outfit you see here is borrowed, thrifted, gifted, upcycled, recycled, rented, swapped, or sustainably made! It's all happening, it's all possible!