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My Sustainable Valentines (And V-Day Style!).

This year for Valentine's Day I challenged myself to have a little V-day style everyday leading up to the holiday! It was so fun adding pops of pink and red to my wardrobe, who doesn't love getting festive?

Here's the low down on these OOTDs!


This look turned a little Clockwork Orange meets Valentine's Day after some crazy hair popped up after a ponytail while working! Just gotta cover it up and keep going!

Hat - Asos, borrowed from work! Had some crazy hair that day that needed to be tamed!

Jacket - Joe Fresh, hand me up from my friend Jo! It was given to her on set for a commercial and the wardrobe team let her keep it, and now it's mine!

Dress - Vintage, via the Thrift On! Clothing swap!

Tights - White, unlabeled, I've had these since I was a kid!

Shoes - Unlabeled via Buffalo Exchange


This outfit was definitely the most "Valentine's Day" themed with the heart tee, a little on the nose, but wearing it early made me feel like I was actually getting into the spirit of the holiday. My anniversary is only two weeks after Valentine's Day, so I feel like we always downplay celebrating, which made it nice to bask in the festivities early!

Top - H&M, hand me up from my mom!

Skirt - Forever 21, hand me up from an old coworker!

Tights - Part of a uniform in high school, now fashion! #repurposed

Shoes - Hand me up from an old roommate!


I was obsessed with this shirt, which was covered in pinup style illustrations of iconic females, like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, etc. It's from an amazing new start up fashion brand called THE KIT NYC, and it seemed like the perfect choice for GALENTINE'S DAY!

Top - The Kit NYC

Skirt - Unlabeled, Repurposed after using for a billboard photo shoot for Blue Cross/Blue Shield a few years ago

Tights - Unlabeled, Hand me up from an old coworker

Shoes - Target, via a gift from my boyfriend

Earrings - r+d, sustainable 3D printed earrings!

And then, for the actual holiday, we have:

Headband - Forever 21, headwear is something I still struggle to buy used, but I passed the 30 wear mark with this bad boy awhile ago!

Top - Forever 21 via Plato's Closet

Pants - Miss Selfridge via Poshmark

Tights - Same as earlier this week, from childhood!

Shoes - Same as earlier this week, unlabeled via Buffalo Exchange

Who says outfit repeaters can't find love?

This year, I've got a couple of sustainable valentines:

- Tencel, I fell in love with this sustainable fabric at Texworld last month. See the process of going from pulp to fabric was fascinating and I've been seeing it on more and more clothing tags and I'm so excited to see more pieces in my closet to be made out if this material.

- The Kit NYC, I was filled with joy upon learning about The Kit NYC and the amazing sustainable fashion advances happening at Regeneration in Chelsea. They've essentially found a way to 3D print clothes using just a few blank fabric bases. This leads to everything being made to order (so no dead stock or unsold merchandise winding up in landfills!), and with pieces created to size, no leftover scraps either. This is the fashion of the future and I'm in love!

- Boutiqueloo in Long Island City. This awesome local vendor, itsy bitsy boutique is stuffed full of goods from sustainable jewelry designers and skincare makers. It was such a delightful discovery while walking around the other week during a heatwave, and I loved chatting with the owner about her process for making zero waste jewelry with a 3D printer! They also host a ton of events, so you can learn to create and mend items yourself, adding more life to the things you already own. Sustainable practices for the win!

Who are your sustainable valentines this year? Who, or what, are you just in LOVE with? With so many sustainable sweethearts out there, it can be hard to pick, but who said there wasn't enough love to share with everyone?



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