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I'm a millennial and I enjoy apple-picking.

Big surprise!

What can I say? I'm a millennial, it's basically in my DNA to enjoy apple-picking. BUT, I live in NYC, which means our version of apple-picking is a pop up location on Orchard Street being converted into an apple orchard for a few days so the apple-picking starved betches like myself can come pluck apples off a a fake tree and call it #folk. I am who I am, and I regret *almost* nothing.

Top - American Rag via the Thrift On! Clothing Swap

Skirt - Tommy Hilfiger via the Thrift On! Clothing Swap

Tights - Urban Outfitters via Buffalo Exchange

Shoes - Steve Madden hand me up from an old roommate!

Just a reminder, The Hand Me Up Club features sustainable #OOTD ensembles! What does that mean? It means every outfit you see here is borrowed, thrifted, gifted, upcycled, recycled, rented, swapped, or sustainably made! It's all happening, it's all possible!


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