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Episode 9: Kitsch, Please with Rebekah Thornhill of R+D and Hyggelig Ever After

This week on The Hand Me Up Club, I'm speaking with the bubbly, knowledgeable and ultra kind Rebekah Thornhill from 3D Printing accessories company, R+D and laser cut home goods line, Hyggelig Ever After. While recording, one stand out (of many) things Rebekah said regarding the NYC Maker Community, "It's more about community than competition," and I think that really tells you A LOT about who Rebekah is!

In this episode, Rebekah generously takes us through thE 3D printing process, how she transitioned a graphic design job into her passionate crafty career, and how sustainability fits into the 3D printing business model. Also, hear from Rebekah about being a female artist in NYC, different local groups and resources available to help small business owners, and tips on balancing entrepreneur and home life.

We also talk about:

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The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

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