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Episode 6: The Autobiography of the Pearl

On this episode of The Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay talks with Kathleen Subijano, the founder of Alajas, a sustainable jewelry company that believes in fostering a better life for female Philipino artisans. She also speaks with Camille Villavicencio, who founded Sleevesit (An online resale platform) and co-founded Casa Ysla with Kathleen, a company that focuses on sustainable handmade home decor items. Camille and Kathleen speak about how their businesses support sustainability and the eco-system by using Mother of Pearl sourced from the Philippines. The 3 also touch on how conscious consumerism is important and what you can do at home to take action.

Listen as the 3 play a game about the millennial mermaid culture where they try to find a sustainable way to approach our most familiar mermaid films. You can also get some tips from Kathleen and Camille on how to throw an event while staying eco-friendly and hear about how they raise funds for the Amazon Rainforest.

Hand Me Up Club listeners can get 15% at Casa Ysla with code: HANDMADE

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The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker

Editing by Caitlin Correa of CC Media

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