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Episode 2: Not to say I saw it in a meme, but...The Ethics of Fast Fashion

It's here! The Episode Guide for Episode 2: Not to say I saw it in a meme, but....The Ethics of Fast Fashion, with the amazing, articulate Anita Dos Santos and Susannah Devenney!

Lindsay talks with Susannah Devenney and Anita Dos Santos, about the fashion industry and how fast fashion can have a detrimental domino effect on the garment workers, the fashion industry and the environment as a whole. You can hear the women play The Most Depressing Game in the World about some of the largest fashion factory tragedies over time and what you can do at home to help support ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

You can also get some tips on how you can DIY and repurpose second-hand clothing and fabric to make something fresh for your wardrobe without buying new.

Do you have any thoughts on the 52 Season production cycle of fast fashion?

Have you seen The True Cost?

A few other things mentioned:

The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker.


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