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Episode 19: Plus Size Thrifting, DIY and Sustainable Fashion (with Veronica Allen)

Every Purchase is Not a Prom Dress!

On Episode 19 of the Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay talks with her close friend Veronica Allen about sustainability and the plus size fashion industry.

Veronica discusses the plus-size experience while thrifting and secondhand shops MUST-DOs to create an inclusive shopping experience. She also discusses the difference between “straight size” versus “plus size,” her favorite budget-friendly tricks for shopping sustainably plus size in activewear, trends, and high-end luxury.

As a skilled fiber artisan, Veronica also gives some amazing ideas on refreshing what you already have in your wardrobe and not getting bored with your clothing.

Other references in the episode:

Gwynnie Bee

Asos Curve


Madewell Recycling Program

Oeke-Tex Leather Standard

Carbon neutral shipping

Post Shop in Detroit

Once Upon a Lauren

Angelus Leather Paint

Girlfriend Collective

Big Bud Press

Why Things Made from Recycled Water Bottles Are Not Great (Downcycling)

Mara Hoffman

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Find show notes at more at and @handmeupclub

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The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Recorded Virtually over Google Hangouts

Editing by Caitlin Correa of CC Media

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