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Episode 16: A Sustainable New Decade (with Bea Organized)!

On this week's episode of The Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay talks with Bea Copeland of Bea Organized.

Bea offers some simple ideas on how to stay sustainably organized in 2020 when it comes to your closet and small changes one can make to their day-to-day to have a more ecofriendly lifestyle!

Lindsay and Bea also talk about tiny homes, repurposed home goods and fixtures, composting, stooping and more!

A few other things mentioned in the episode:

Bea offers sliding scale [sustainable] organizing! Check her out at @bea_organized and on her website.

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker


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