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Episode 14: Your Sustainable Fashion Questions Answered + Sustainable New Years Resolutions

This week on The Hand Me Up Club, Lindsay is coming at the listeners solo as she reviews her 2019 resolutions (Recap 'em here) and answers some listener questions!

With each question asked, a lot of information is discussed. Find the answers and all their references in this week's episode guide!

The first question came from HMUC listener Cynthia, asking about how to tell if a fabric listed on a tag is sustainable, if silk is more sustainable than acetate, how long it takes certain fabrics to decompose and what consumers can do to be more mindful shoppers.

A fun graphic from Fashion Revolution about not-so-fun fabric decomposition.

References for Cynthia's question/answer:

Question 2 came from friend of the pod, Gimlet. She asked for some good brands that are affordable for artists. Lindsay referenced:

Question 3 came from friend of the pod, Laura, asking, "Is dry cleaning sustainable?"

The short answer; traditionally, no. But there are advances in the industry, alternatives, etc. Just avoid the perc!

Some references:

The next question came from listener, Album. He asked about sustainable options to get blanks for screenprinting.

Some options:

Deadstock from Fabscrap, Queen of Raw or Threefold.

Another question from Laura about what happens to donations to Goodwill that are not able to be sold?

Another question from Album, " Where are good places to get biodegradable packaging alternatives?"

Items referenced

Seed infused plantable paper from Bloomin, Botanical Paperworks and Etsy.

...and the last question, “Why do some fast fashion clothes last forever and some die in one wash cycle?”


If you have any questions YOU would like answered, head over to the contact page or email!

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The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker


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