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Episode 13: Hot Trash, New Orleans Vintage with Rebecca Duckert

On Episode 13 of The Hand Me Up Club, New Orleans native Rebecca Duckert, captain of the Big Apple Babes dance team and fashion connoisseur, joins Lindsay in the studio to talk all things thrift, DIY and vintage fashion. Hear about the eclectic fashion of New Orleans & Mardi Gras and the best places to shop vintage in both New Orleans and New York.

Lindsay and Rebecca also talk about the history of vintage and tips on getting the best quality items while thrift shopping. Rebecca talks about her favorite vintage item she’s ever gotten and why she chooses to buy used and sustainable clothing.

A Few Other Things Mentioned in the Episode

Top New Orleans Vintage/Thrift Sites:

The History of Vintage (Article from Racked)

Ezra Miller's Costume with the eyeballs at the Met Gala:

Makeup by Mimi Choi!

Katy Perry's Chandelier look at the Met Gala:

Rebecca's iconic Mardi Gras costumes:

Find Rebecca on her Instagram at her personal page @duckmeetsworld

Follow the Big Apple Babes on Instagram @bigapplebabes

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The Hand Me Up Club is hosted by Lindsay Rootare.

Engineered by Adam Zucker


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